Upcoming Rehearsal Schedule
Please Note that this schedule is subject to change as we adjust for new performances.
Check back periodically for updates.

January 18th

Troupe Resumes :
Rehearsal of Turbo Tabla for 1/21/12 Bright Star World Dance

January 25th (Sheryl & Erika Out) Start Choreographing Fruity Booty  
February 1 - March 21st Fruity Booty
March 21st (final rehearsal for Club BD) No Sheryl Tonight


Upcoming Performance Schedule

January 21st, Saturday BSWD 1year Anniversary Turbo Tabla

Velvet sets & black pants
Sheryl, Erika & Wendy

March 25th, Sunday Club Bellydance Fruity Booty Fabulous Cabaret



Maine State Ballet Storm Cancellation Policy

Please call the studio at 781.7672, watch news channels 6, 8 & 13 or corresponding web sites:,,
(If you register with some of these sites, they will email/text you cancellation notices.)

Paid Gig Rotation

In order to ensure that there is equal access to the few paid opportunities that come our way we're going to keep track of who is next in line for any paid opportunities. The dancer at the top of the list will get first refusal and we'll move down the line in the order listed below until a dancer who can take the job is secured. Once a dancer completes a paid opportunity they move to the bottom of the list.

Erika (need to go-with or

As always, if YOU bring in specific business or if someone requests you specifically you get right of first refusal on that gig. In those instances the fact that you referred the business or were requested overrides the above line up.

Any new dancers will need to shadow another dancer at one of these opportunities before they can join the rotation.


* Dancer Handbook 2011

* Discipline Policy 2011

* Belly Gram Dancer Expectations

* Belly Gram & Restaurant Pricing Guide

* Restaurant Performance Agreement

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Naya's Trance  Library
All choreography below CANNOT be used by other dancers/troupes without the expressed 
consent of Naya's Trance and/or the choreographer of record
Questions: E-mail

Entrance of the Stars PART I (Mirage 2011)

            PART II -   ETOS 3 & ETOS 4 - Mel's Ending

Born This Way
Sahara Saidi
Mirage 2010 Cane Piece Kallas Ya Aam
Life is Short, Shimmy! Group drum solo!
Cane Dance
Mastika (Kimmy's Karsliama)
Habibi Ya Einy
Raks Africa (Note that this is the original choreography & does not take into account the changes made for the May 5th show)
Karshilama Skirt Dance
   Rock the Casbah
Ay Ya Leil
  Salam Allay
Mohamed Shahin
Save a Horse
Turbo Tabla ~ Part I ~ Part II
Marco Polo Step Sequence
Thursday Dance Choreography
Turkish Karsliama Power Point