Willow has been Belly Dancing since 2007. Her only prior dance experience was letting the music inspire her to move. She started dancing as a way to get some exercise, meet new people and maybe become a little more graceful.Belly Dance intrigued her right away with its diversity of styles and traditions, costumes and customs. Willow soon started exploring this wide variety and she continues that never ending journey today. She has been blessed to have great local teachers to learn from as well as an abundance of workshops with world renowned instructors. Willow was a founding member of Adira’s Divas in 2010 and joined Naya’s Trance in 2011.

Willow’s personal style is rooted in the Folkloric traditions, but when you watch her dance you’ll see the influence of many styles. She rarely picks just one, instead blending them together seamlessly for a unique dance experience

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