Syrena was ten years old when she - as her name suggest - was captured by the siren song of American Cabaret belly dance. At her mother's request, she had joined her one evening to attend a local adult education dance class and was immediately in love with the fun music and the sparkling costumes. Syrena, along with her mom and her sister, became three of the original members of Imari and the Sahara Desert Dancers. Performing mostly at fairs and festivals around Southern Maine, dance for her was about being part of a group connected to one another and to the rich history of bellydance as a celebration of a woman's life.

After a hiatus from dance during her high school and early college years, it was shortly after moving to Portland in 2010 that Syrena found herself in a positive and supportive bellydance community that she again couldn't resist. She joyfully jumped back into the world of sparkles and shimmies under the guidance of Kalyani, Jessani and Rosa Noreen and continues to grow as a dancer every day.

Today, in addition to performing as a new member of Naya's Trance, Syrena strives to expand the Portland bellydance community by teaching through adult education programs in York county. Her teaching and performance styles both focus on positive body image and respect for self and soul, encouraging her students to find movements that help them feel feminine and powerful as a part of the ongoing story of bellydance.

Syrena has performed as a featured dancer at Jimmy the Greek's restaurant, and has participated in shows around Southern Maine and New Hampshire both individually and as a part of group performances.

On the rare occasion that Syrena puts aside the glitter and glamour, she can be found behind a computer at her administrative job in Westbrook, or running frantically around her back yard chasing her fiancÚ under the watchful eye of their puppy. Or... something like that..

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