Maya is thrilled to be a part Naya’s Trance! Ever since she was little, she has loved music and moving to it. After dabbling on and off with swing, Latin, ballroom, and enduring a brief stint as an Arthur Murray instructor-in-training, Maya came back to dance as a way to get fit and get out of the house when she moved to Maine. An Adult Ed bellydance class seemed like a good match for something new and interesting, but little did she know what a hold the dance would take in her life!

Having studied with Jessani and Jamileh, Maya has come to love bellydance for all of its qualities as a beautiful, vivacious, and sensual dance form. The rhythm, grace, playfulness, and of course the sparkling costumes all drive her as a dancer. She feels most at home performing American Cabaret style bellydance, however is always eager to try new styles from folkloric to fusion and beyond.

Maya spends her days working a desk job in the technology field and her nights are filled with a good mix of chaos and laughter with her family. Her son and daughter both enjoy shimmying with Mom now and again!

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