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Southern Maine is fortunate to have a wide variety of opportunities to watch and learn Belly Dance. There are also a growing number of resources available to assist new dancers in their search for information on the history of the dance, music and costumes.

Listed below are are a few of our favorite resources:

MUSIC: Maqam / Amazon.com / Itunes

COSTUMES: Bhuz / Bellydancestore / Dahlal International

HISTORY & CULTURE: Shira / Gilded Serpent Online Resource

Bellydance New England (interesting articles & information on
       events and instructors in the New England area)

These are are few local Dancers & Musicians offering great opportunities to learn via classes & special workshops. They also offer interesting performance opportunities and/or showcases!

Annabee (Offering a Monthly Middle Eastern Dance Night in
                          Auburn with live music)

Josephina Gasca (Classes & Special Events in the Bath Area)

Rosa Noreen (Special Guest Instructors & Raqs Borealis)

Okbari Middle Eastern Ensemble

Spoonmakers Diamond