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About Naya's Trance

Naya's Trance Belly Dance has been entertaining and educating audiences since 2001 and is now Southern Maine's premiere belly dance troupe. The members of Naya's Trance are committed to their role as ambassadors of this beautiful dance and work diligently to share it with the local community. The dancers of Naya's Trance specialize in cabaret (raqs sharqi) and folkloric styles allowing them to offer a wide variety of performance styles appropriate for any venue. Naya's Trance members also specialize in a wide variety of prop work including fan, veil, cane, sword and fire dance.

Our Mission and Vision:

To share our love of belly dance and the joy that it brings with the local community through performances, classes, and special workshops.

Throughout the year Naya's Trance organizes performances and workshops, as well as provides opportunities to support dancers of all levels. Naya's Trance is committed to bringing this dance style to the broader community as well as finding new ways to work with dancers of all levels to help support their love of the dance and the culture(s) it represents.

A few Naya's Trance highlights include:

  • Portland Dances
  • Thornton Academy Dancecelebration
  • Old Port Festival
  • Ogunquit Performing Arts Middle Eastern Festival
  • Lucid Stage Grand Opening
  • University of Southern Maine Middle Eastern Festival
  • Southern Maine Pride
  • Dash of Diva
  • and our annual professional showcase titled MIRAGE
  • Plus a feature article in Belly Dance Magazine